Saturday, September 17, 2011

Happy Saturday and Fall!!!


Bath time! Such a sweet girl.

My handsome Nephews! Studs at football!

I finally got all my fall out/Halloween and LOVE it! I hope the weather stays this nice. It has been so dang hot and I'm sick of running the air. I'll post pics soon of my decorations.

Lately, I have been working a lot at the shop, and staying home with my girl. We go to the park a lot in the mornings, if we wait until later in the afternoon the slides get hot, so mornings are so much better for us.

I'm 14 weeks today and feel absolutely great!!! Yay! Can't wait to find out if we will be having a brother or a sister. We find out today.

Tonight is our Cousin, Mia's 1st birthday! We can't wait to celebrate with her.

Sunday we are going to the CIRCUS and having a family dinner at my parents. I can't wait to go to the circus. I know Georgie is going to love it. I hope so. I know she is still really young, but she loves animals and loved when the commercial would come on to advertise the circus. Daddy surprised us with tickets!

Happy Saturday!

Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Happy Birthday, Rachel!!!

My best friends!

I had to cut Rachel out since she was having a laugh attack!

Yay! She is finally smiling! (She was anti pictures)
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Happy Birthday, Rachel!!!

We all had a wonderful time celebrating Rachel's birthday on Monday night. It was so nice to see some of my best friends and have a normal adult conversation without being interrupted or have to help attend to my baby. I missed her terribly, but it was so nice to be with all the girls and catch up on life! I was so happy everyone was able to join. It's so hard to get everyone together these days, since we all has such busy schedules. I hope you had a wonderful time Rachel! I sure did.

Monday, September 5, 2011

Happy Labor Day!

I love my mom.

They love each other so much.

Handsome boys!

She always smiles like this! HELP!


Yes, we have our child in a casino! We were waiting to eat.

Grandma Ella.

My joy.

How cute is Ryan Totman! He is such a little stud muffin.

My little model.

We love TREW LUV! Thanks Jacklyn, for letting us be your model.

She loves to wear my pot holders! And isn't her smile beautiful? HA!

Celebrating Corrine's birthday! I was so late and came towards the end, since I had to celebrate a family party before. I was happy to see her and give her a birthday hug. Nothing really to share. I need to start taking more pictures. I have been feeling normal this week, so that is a major plus. Here I come 2nd trimester! Oh and, HAPPY LABOR DAY!!!