Sunday, April 24, 2011

Happy Easter!

We have had a wonderful day so far. What a beautiful Easter day! We went to church this morning, brunch at Peach Tree, and now we are all home resting. I made a fruit salad and spinach dip to take to my parents. We are off again in a little bit to go to an Easter egg hunt and have an early dinner with my family... then we go to Aunt Jackie's house for another dinner and dessert. I love all the hectic running around and being with all the people I love so much. I wouldn't want it any other way.
It's pretty incredible that He sacrificed his own life for us. Happy Easter!

See you when I get back from my little mini VACA! Off to Tahoe bright and early! Just had a moment to share pictures from this morning.
Aunt Jack and all her boys and the lovely Aunt Nik!

G loves giving Ava kisses.
Another kiss.
Cousin love! Ava and Baby Mia.

Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Happy Birthday to me!!!

I had a wonderful birthday! Thanks to my wonderful family and friends for making my day so special!!!

The girls got to meet the lobster.
Mary was too scared to hold the lobster! I didn't blame her.
They loved holding hands on the way to Chico.
One of my dear friends! I'm so happy Paige is back in the YC. I see her a lot more and I love it.

The guys came... usually it's just the girls! I felt bad for Steve because he couldn't join us! He was home with the baby taking care of her since she was not feeling well at all. Thanks for letting me go and enjoy a great time babe. I did miss you.

Roxanne and Shannon came over before and we talked and enjoyed a glass of wine together.

Love them!

Yes it's true, I turned 29, but feel so happy about it! I had a wonderful day. Most of my girlfriends treated me to dinner, showered me with beautiful cards and gifts. I felt so loved. Loved so much than ever before. I was sad that a few friends couldn't make it, but it's so hard with everyone's busy schedules, and living in different cities and just life in general to coordinate a day where everyone can make it.

My family took me to Chico for lunch on my actual birthday, and that with was so sweet of them. We had such a great time! Just the girls went. We shopped all around beautiful Chico and then went and had a lovely lunch. It was so fun spending the day with all my sisters, baby, niece and mom. They too showered me with so much birthday love. I am spoiled.

We got home around 3ish, and I put Georgie down for a nap. Poor baby girl, she is still fighting a nasty cold. I ended up taking her to the doctor and he put her on two different medicines. I hate seeing her so sick. It is heartbreaking. I feel so helpless.

Later that night, Steve cooked me an amazing dinner. We had great wine, gifts again and a beautiful cake! I didn't want to take the baby out to dinner or leave her with anyone. I just wanted her home where she belonged. And just what I love, being home with my family. It wasn't bad either being pampered and spoiled all night long. I did clean up dinner and did my normal nightly routine with the baby. I didn't mind. I love doing my motherly duties and a clean kitchen. I truly had such an amazing day. I just wished that the baby would had felt better. I got so many sweet cards in the mail, phone calls from friends, and even 29 pink roses! I am one lucky chic. I forgot to mention a free car wash too. I love a clean car and it was free... that's the best part.

My sister and I were going to go and get pedicures, and my mom was going to watch the baby for an hour for me, but Georgie was so clingy all day and didn't want me out of her sight! All she wanted was mommy. I loved being able to hold her all day and take care of her. I remember being little and just wanting my mom to hold me. I still do! We watched Barney about 5 times and cuddled on the couch until daddy got home. She gave me about 5o kisses that day. I think she knew it was my birthday secretly. And a pedicure can wait always wait! Sister, you still owe me:)

Hope everyone has a wonderful Easter. We are off on Monday morning to Tahoe for the week, and then Friday we leave for Reno. We are going to visit Grandma Ella. Have a wonderful weekend and hope the Easter Bunny stops at your house! He already came to mine.

Tuesday, April 19, 2011


My beautiful best friend is going to be a mother in a few short weeks! I'm so excited for her and so blessed to have her in my life. She truly is an amazing friend and we will be friends forever without a doubt! Can't wait for our girls to play together.

Proud to still have the best of friends! They love me so much, love me for me and are always there!

My little outside girl.
My little sad girl at the doctor:(
Proud of these little girls!
Proud of this big girl!
Proud to be her Auntie!
Proud of boyfriend for loving me and being such a hard worker!
Proud to be her mother!
Proud to be an Aunt to my beautiful niece and nephews! I love them so much.
Proud of boyfriend! Wish that Georgie was looking at the camera:(

Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Just wanted you to know.

I've really been thinking a lot how truly blessed I am in this thing called "life". As I am getting older, I realize what is important and how to never take anything for granted. Life is so short and so fragile. I just want you to know how much I love my life, my family, and how I try to make each day wonderful. I'm not saying everyday is perfect because it's not, but I try to take nothing for granted. Life can change in an instant.

My family had gone through a lot of challenges, changes, loss, sadness and lifestyle changes, but we all are so very grateful for our health and how blessed we are to have each other. Things come and go but family is forever.

My daughter is so happy and healthy.

Check SpellingI'm so loved and told everyday.

I gave a man holding a sign saying, "Out of gas" $5.00 today. My sister is going to be mad at me.

I get to watch my daughter grow up and so lucky and grateful. I know a couple that both have to work. They drop their babies off at daycare at 6 a.m. and pick them up at dinner time, give them a quick dinner, bath, then bed, and then have to start all over again the next day. It's heartbreaking to me, but they both have to work! She feels so guilty and is miserable. I'm so sad for her. On the weekends, she is constantly doing laundry, cleaning and grocery shopping. I wish there was something I could do to help them. Hopefully, her husband gets a promotion and then she can cut back. My fingers are crossed for them. They make me never want to take a day for granted.

My sisters are my best friends. Steve thinks we're too close, and that I talk to them too much on the phone. He is just a boy and will never understand.

My parents are seriously amazing people. Their selflessness and true dedication to their family is something I admire. They have been married 4o years and their love and devotion to one another is such a beautiful thing.

I feel so content.

I wish there was a cure for cancer and rheumatoid arthritis.

I have been married before and I believe in marriage, but never know if I will ever do it again.

Failing at something makes you stronger.

I love flowers. I went to the store today and bought some just to have in my home. They look beautiful and so fragrant.

My mom always tells me how much she loves me, and now I know how much since I have a child.

I want three children.

I love red wine.

I am shy.

I am a home body.

I didn't take a shower today or put make up on.

I have a wonderful relationship with all my nephews and niece. I love them all so much.

I hope my daughter is nice to everyone.

I hope she never gets hurt.

I grocery shop at Winco.

I need to go to the doctor. I need a check up.

I am a list maker and have so much to do on it.

I've been trying to save money.

My birthday is coming!!!

I still have breast milk. Weird and sorry for the TMI:)

I want to name my next daughter... Monroe.

I admire how hard my boyfriend works.

I hated school. School isn't for everyone.

I love a clean house, but it never is... please call if you want to stop by:)

Steve wants me to delete my blog. He is a private person and thinks there are weird people out there and we need to protect our child. I don't want to though.

I love a hot bath.

I have amazing friends.

Frannie Bean has the cutest stuff! I'm proud of my sissy and her darling store.

I love working with my sister. Sometimes! Ha!

I'm still so sad for Japan.

I'm sad Oprah is over in May.

I love Cookie Tree. I ate two cookies today!

I love intervention.

I cut bangs.

I have been so emotional lately. It is ridiculous!

I am a night owl.

I love the smell of gasoline and nail polish.

I was born with crooked feet. I had to wear casts on both feet.

I bought a wind chime today and love hearing it with the window open.

I have a crooked spine.

I love Indian food. We had it tonight.

I heard someone in the Target fitting room say, "Maggie Czigans is getting fat!" How sad. I cried all the way home.

My favorite movie is Titanic.

I just wanted you to know all of this. Remember that life is so precious.


Monday, April 11, 2011

Make a wish!

17 months

She loves to be outside.
She loves cookies. I love watching her little mouth ask me for one, and the way her teeth look when pronouncing the word.
She knows sign language.
She is always happy.
She knows all her animal noises.
She loves books.
She loves to pretend.
She calls for me for me in the morning
She always tells Peanut he is a "good boy"
She climbed out of her crib 2 months ago.
She loves to give kisses.
She loves Barney.
She loves to go on rides in the laundry basket.
She loves to go pee pee in the potty and has to wipe.
She loves all her cousins.
She loves my mom, sisters and dad so much.
She loves her daddy... She asks for him a lot during the day.
She loves birds.
She loves to sit in my lap.
She loves music.
She talks so much.
She is off the charts for height!
She is really tall.
She loves to jump on the trampoline.
She throws things away! We have to check the trash every night.
She follows me everywhere.
She loves babies.
She prefers to drink from a straw.
She takes off her clothes during nap time!
She is obsessed with shoes.
She loves to get her hair done.
She loves pancakes.
She loves kittens.
She makes me laugh.
She watches me leave for work through the window at my parents, and waves until I'm out of sight.
She loves to climb on all our furniture.
She is part monkey.
She is fighting a bug today.
She has some mean dance moves.
She loves tupperware.
She can make a huge mess.
She is an awful dinner partner.
She can no longer go with us out to dinner.
She is really loud.
She is such a good girl.
She loves to brush her teeth.
She copies everything I do.
She wants to carry a purse.
She loves to swing.
She is gentle.
She loves to dip. Ketchup? Ranch? Salsa? Guacamole?
She has a sophisticated palate.
She loves cheese.
She loves to sleep.
She is getting so big.
She is my everything.
She loves to blow and make wishes!!!

Sunday, April 10, 2011

Busy busy busy!!!

As you can see, our cookies are not fancy or perfect... just normal cookies that we hurried and ate! The kids had fun decorating them.

These were taken around Christmas but wanted to share them.

Georgie has grown so much!

I feel like we are always so busy doing something... but can't tell you what! We had a birthday party this weekend during the day and then one last night. We had a great time at both. I had Mary for a little while on Friday and the girls just played and played. I think this photo is so funny because look at Georgie's face! So funny! She is obsessed with my necklaces. She wears this particular one all the time. They love each other so much and always have a ball together.

Tonight we're going to Aunt Jackie's house for dinner. Yay! She is back from Africa! We missed her so much. I can't wait to hear about her Safari. This morning, I ran a few errands with the babe and then my sister called and wanted us to stop by because she got Mary a baby kitten, so we had to go and meet her. She is so darling. Her name is Frankie. I love that name. Hope everyone had a wonderful weekend! Enjoy this beautiful weather!!!

Monday, April 4, 2011

Happy Monday!

Happy Monday!
I've been a bloggin fool lately! I just think I'm so cool because we go a new computer and I'm loving it. Today was such a gorgeous day! We ran errands, had a coffee date with one of my wonderful friends, played outside and just relaxed at home. Off to work tomorrow with my sissy. Hope everyone has a wonderful week.

Sunday, April 3, 2011

Had to share how dang cute she is!

Sorry that I'm such an annoying Mother! I just can't get enough of her!!! And she is so SMART! I think all parents think that:)

Silly girl!

Love her so much! She makes me so happy.

Saturday, April 2, 2011

A beautiful day at the park and pigtails!

I feel like I never take a picture with my baby. I always take them of her or other people. I tried to take one of the two of us... Not very good, but it's a memory.
I know she needs another bow in the other pigtail, but she insisted on having at least one in. She is so funny! She loves BOWS!

They love each other so much. Mary is so good to her!

Obsessed with these cowboy boots or any kind of SHOE!!! These boots were my Nephew Jimmy's when he was a little boy.

Speaking of Jimmy, I snapped this when I picked him up from school on Friday. He is such a good looking child. I love him so much. Look at those beautiful lashes. Lucky dog!

Pigtail girl again.

Love her sweet face. My mom took this!

Love her little teeth.

Cousin love!

She loves watching all the children play.

I took the girls to the park Friday morning. The "orange park" to be exact. That's what Mary calls it. We had a wonderful time. They loved playing and being outside. I loved it too! This rainy weather was awful and being cooped up in the house everyday really became depressing. We had a yummy lunch, rode bikes and G loves to swing. We were there for 2 hours! We got home and the girls took their naps, while I picked up the house. We stopped by parents house to visit before going home, and my mom put pigtails in Georgie's hair. She looked so precious and was so proud of them.

Steve got home earlier then usually, since he had court really early Friday morning, and we had dinner, went on a walk and then watched a really good movie. I opened a nice bottle of wine and I of course had to have popcorn. Who doesn't want popcorn when watchin a flick? Tonight we are going to dinner with friends so that should be fun. Sunday I'm going to work in the backyard it's a mess! I want to plant flower and get ready for Spring. I got the carpets cleaned all ready and did a really deep clean the other day and it already looks like Easter in our home. Off to get ready! Happy Saturday.