Thursday, March 31, 2011



I got Steve too. He seemed kinda disappointed. Can I really love another baby as much as I love Georgie? I do have baby fever and want Georgie to have siblings... maybe sooner than later? Who knows. So worth the 3 hours of sleep and being a walking zombie.
Happy April 1st.

Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Happy Birthday Plate!

Start a family tradition! When it's your birthday you get to use the birthday plate! How cute and fun is that? I think this is such a sweet tradition to start in our family! And my birthday is next, so I get to use it and I get to pick what we have for dinner. Come get yours today! Start a tradition and make wonderful memories to last forever!!!
Only $22.95 ~Frannie Bean the Kitchen Store.
I hope my children keep the tradition going!

Happy Easter!

I was going to send out Easter cards to family and friends, but to be honest everyone has a facebook these days and gets to see all the pictures that I post, and I have my blog for family back in Ohio, so I'm going to pass this year sending out Easter cards. It's sad that I really don't send things in the mail any longer because of all these social networks etc. I still think it's more intimate to send a party invite etc. in the mail. It's always fun getting fun mail:) At least I'm saving on stamps.

I just love our sassy little Easter Bunny! I must add she has great taste in shoes! I got these Marc Jacobs heels for $12.00! What a steal. I love bargain shopping and thrift stores! The older I get, I feel like I am getting cheap. I know my boyfriend would love to hear that.

Monday, March 28, 2011


I needed this. I have missed you. Today I cleaned house and I had the window open to let in a little fresh air. Loved hearing the birds chirping and lawn mowers going. Cleaned the car too. My lovely sister brought me a coffee. I was so happy when I saw two coffee cups in her hand. I made vegetable soup and grilled cheese sandwiches for lunch. Took a nap with my precious. Paid some bills. Wished I had more money. Cleaned out my purse. Gave Peanut a bath. Georgie loves looking for kitty cats so we went on a short walk looking for the little fury felines. I personally hate cats, but she loves them. My stroller is with Steve in his car, so it's kinda hard truly going on a walk with a 1 year old. It was so nice being outside though.
Now we are getting ready to go to $8.00 spaghetti dinner. Yum.
What a beautiful Monday!

Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Thinking about so much.

1. I'm so sad about Japan. I cry when I watch the news.
2. I can't believe someone got shot at the ihop in Yuba City. I go there a lot with my family for pancakes. So unbelievably scary!
3. I'm over the rain!
4. My house is a mess and I don't care.
5. I feel like the luckiest person in the world that I am a mother.
6. I'm starving....again! I'm craving Olive Garden but Steve hates it! Who wants to go?
7. I donated about 6 garbage bags full of clothes. Feels great.
8. I need to go through my storage unit next and organize and give away more stuff!
9. I can't wait for farmers market to start again. I love tomatoes & fresh flowers!
10. I can't wait to have my own home.
11. I want a new car. Steve says that I can get one before Christmas! Yay!
12. I just paid off my last credit card and will never ever charge again.
13. I'm so grateful for my family.
14. Health insurance is so ridiculously expensive. I just opened a bill from the doctor and we have insurance and the bill is outrageous!
15. I love working with my sister.
16. I'm lucky to stay home with the baby so much and only work 3 days a week. I feel so blessed!
17. Gas is so expensive!
18.I'm sad Oprah is almost over.
19. I want to go to the movies so bad and see about 10 flicks.
20. I feel so content in my life.
21. We may be moving out of Yuba and I'm kinda excited! Yuba City will always be home, but ready to get out of here and have change.
22. I love the ocean.
23. I started yoga and love it!
24. I need to go to bed earlier.
25. The rain is making me feel like %$*#@!
26. I have been in really bad moods lately. I think it's the weather. After Christmas I'm ready for summer.
27. I have horrible cramps.
28. I need to start cooking more. I hate our stove though. I try and cook at least 4 nights a week.
29. I need to go get a new cell phone. To be honest though, I really do like not having one. I love not being able to check my email, facebook, missed calls etc. hourly.
30. Why when you're a mom you constantly feel guilty or feel like you can be better?
31. I can't wait to have more children!
32. The Rock in Roseville is AMAZING!
33. I keep waking up every morning at 5!
34. I want to cut my hair and just need to do it! I need a change.
35. I love my family and so unbelievably grateful for their unconditional love.
36. I love all my sisters.
37. I hope my daughter is nice to everyone.
38. I love the weekends.
39. So excited for this weekend!
40. Aunt Jack leaves for Kenya Sunday. We will miss her!
41. So blessed my family is healthy.
42. Need to stop drinking so much coffee and diet soda.
43. I'm reading a great book called, 90 minutes in heaven! I love it so far.
44.I have changed at least 4 diapers today before noon.
45. But so happy and just need to get out of my FUNK!!!!

The Easter Bunny came to our house!

My little bunny.

This little bunny loves shoes!!!

My little girl.

Being silly!

Love my new salt and pepper shaker!

This was my little Easter Bunny last year!

Love my new bird from Frannie Bean, and I love it under a glass dome. My little Bunny loves to kiss this bird... I may have to put it up higher. It's too tempting.

Filled with eggs!

Happy Easter!

Monday, March 21, 2011

Love these photos!

Modeling her Trew Luv Hat that Jacklyn made for her- 4 1/2 months


With Grandma ELLA. We love her! This is who she was named after! Grandma is 93! She looks amazing!!!

So funny!

Hard to believe that she was that little.

Me and baby Mary Margaret!

Mary Margaret!

Mary Margaret!

Ella Georgette!

Cousins! I mean sisters! :)
Came across a few pictures tonight and I thought I would share! These little girls melt my heart. Mary is getting so big. It's hard to believe she is already 4.

Saturday, March 19, 2011


Align Left She was mad her feet were wet!

I love this little girl so much.
I was trying on her new Easter outfit the other day from Frannie Bean, and I had to run out the backyard really fast because the gate was open and I didn't want Peanut to get out. When I came from around the corner my baby girl got out! She hated her feet getting wet, and it was sprinkling and she hated that too. I ran in to grab my camera to capture some pictures. I think she is such a silly goose. I love her so much.
Happy Saturday! Who is sick of the rain? I am.

Sunday, March 13, 2011

A day in the city.

Yesterday was such a beautiful morning. I woke up around my usual time, started the coffee maker, and read the newspaper. I love a quiet house on a Saturday morning. I patiently waiting for my family to wake up. Around 9 I could hear G stirring on the monitor, and slowing waking up. I went to get her from her room. I love her in the morning. She is happy and such a cuddle bug. Steve came out to the the living room shortly after and asked me, "What is your plan for the day?" I said, "I'm just going to organize closets and clean my car." Nothing exciting for a Saturday. He said, "Lets go to the ocean for the day." I said, " I would love that!" I was so excited. We hurried and got ready and left for the city! I left breakfast on the counter and even left my bath towel wet on the floor. We went to the Aquarium, the baby saw the ocean for the first time, had lunch, went to the Pier, shopped a little and then had dinner with Aunt Nikki. We had such a beautiful day! We live so close to the ocean. I think we are going to start going more often.She wasn't a big fan of the ocean.
She loved running in the grass!

I thought this was so pretty!

She loved the fish!

I'm a dorky mom! I thought it would be a cool picture... not so much:)

So neat!

We had such a beautiful day. I loved being with the people I love so much in this beautiful city!
Waiting for Aunt Nikki and looking for birds, cats or dogs! She loves animals.

Thursday, March 10, 2011

"We're sisters!"

All the cousins together. We went to Chinese food at the Dragon Inn this night. So yummy!
This makes me want to cry! Mary got dropped off in the morning, and when Georgie saw her she screamed and then got up in the chair and they hugged.
I was watching Mary for sis Friday night, so she could meet some friends at the City Cafe for dinner. These little girls had a ball! We had KFC for dinner and watched Barney... So FUN:) ha!
I love this.
I really have nothing exciting to blog about! But I think that it's so funny because my beautiful niece, Mary, always tells complete strangers that her and Georgie are sisters!!! It is so funny, sometimes embarrassing, because it is a huge lie! I always have to correct her and say, "you girls are cousins." Well, sometimes, I go along with her little lie just to humor her little self. They love each other so much. Mary is loving and so gentle, and such a good little "sister". The other day though we were in the car and she said, "Aunt Maggie, I think you need to take your baby back to the baby shop and get a new one!" If only it was that easy! :) That wasn't the first time she had said that either. Sometimes she gets frustrated with her because Georgie sometimes bothers her toys or pulls her long beautiful hair! Georgie already wants to go pee pee on the potty. Of course, just like Mary! She thinks she is so big, but last I checked she was only 15 months!!! I'm so glad they have each other and hope their friendship continues to grow. Even though they aren't sisters they kinda really are. My sister and I have such a special bond, and I think that if she wants G to be her sister then we should just let her keep telling people they are "sisters."

Peanut loves her too! And always has to be in the mix.
Please ignore the horrible duck prints in the back ground. Yuck! Steve's dad is a avid duck hunter! I can't wait to move into my own home. He is such a bachelor! I have slowly taken over his home. I feel kinda bad.
Sis looks mad, but still so cute. I think she was tired and sick of the camera.
So sweet.