Tuesday, January 25, 2011

What we have been up to.

Me and my lawyer on a date.
Cousin love. Mary was trying to give G a kiss, but G couldn't stop laughing. It was so precious. They love each other so much.
My baby girl, Ella Georgette, running errands with mama.
She thinks she doesn't have to nap anymore. She also thinks it's funny when she takes out her hair bows. It's driving me nuts. So please excuse her crazy hair!
The Christmas tree can't come down! Every time before G goes to bed she says, "tree, tree" so I had to turn it into a Valentine's day tree. Then of course, once she falls asleep, I quietly go in and unplug it. I found these heart ornaments at Marshalls. Watching her little face smile with such joy makes my heart so happy.
We went to our favorite Restaurant in Roseville with some friends of ours. If you have not been to Granitos in Roseville you need to go! It is so yummy, and I crave it at least once a week. Our good friend owns it, and she always gives us such great service. I love the kitchen area and watching all the action. It's decorated really cute too.
Someone got a ball pit! Let me just tell you.... I have about 250 balls all over my living room and kitchen right this minute! She absolutely loves it. My sister bought it for her for Christmas. Some days I can't even get her out of it.
Went to Napa on Sunday. It was so nice to get away and have girl time. One of my best friends is getting married this Sunday. I know Lindsey will have a beautiful life. She is getting married on her (soon to be) mother in laws property and let me tell you, it is SO AMAZING and oh so, BEAUTIFUL! She will be such a stunning bride and an amazing mother! What a lucky baby.

Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Nothing going on around here.

Can't wait for the 14th! One of my favorite holidays!
The countdown begins!!!!
We have not been up to much around here. I've been working 3-4 days a week at the store, and Steve has been working at the office some ridiculous, crazy, hours! We see him only at night, when he gets home at 8:30?!? We miss him bad. We always try and do things as a family on the weekends, so that is always something to look forward to. I love when all 3 of us are together.

I am so excited for February! I love Valentine's Day, and also we are leaving on a 7 day cruise to Mexico. I am so excited that I can hardly stand it!!! I'm ready for warm weather and to relax.

I'm also excited for one of my best friends because she is getting married on he 29th, and having her first baby! She finds out on Wednesday the sex of her baby. I know she will be such an amazing mother. My other best friend is having her second baby, and she finds out on Friday the sex of her baby. I am so excited for all these babies to be born in June.

I can't believe how fast my own baby is growing up. It's breaking my heart how she is no longer a little baby. She always wants DOWN and is so independent. She is so smart too! I can't believe how much she is talking. The other day, she went to her highchair and said, "eat"! I love her so much! I know that I always say this, but she really has taught me what life is all about. I care less about so much, and my main focus is her. I can't even remember the last time I bought myself the latest designer jeans, juicy tracksuit (are they even still in style?) a nice handbag or the latest People or US weekly magazine. I just don't care anymore! Don't get me wrong, I like nice things but it's just different. A good different.

Sunday, January 2, 2011

A New Year and my precious girl!

She loves getting in her chair.

Silly girl!

Hope everyone has a wonderful year ahead! I'm excited to see what this year holds for me and my family. I love this little girl so much. I'm seriously the luckiest person ever to be blessed with such a precious little human. She truly makes me a better person. She is my world, my everything!