Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Hope you guys get a laugh out of this!

This blog is for my family, my Sisters and Mom and Dad. They look at my blog and say all they do is laugh and can't believe I have a blog and the things I write about! They told me to get a life. How mean are they! They are so rude and I'm so mad at you guys! So if you're reading this now, I hope you feel really bad. Oh and Jojo I'm writing about you in my next post. Hope you get a laugh out of it. You guys are going to feel really bad if I delete my blog. Won't you?

I think the only people that read it or make fun of it anyways are you guys. Now I know for sure I was adopted. Virgina and Sam come take me away!

Saturday, July 24, 2010

Farmers Market and a little bit of this and that.

Just got home with my Mom and Georgie from the farmers market! I love going. We try and go every Saturday then we always go to breakfast after. I love my Mom. She truly is such an amazing person and is so loving and is such a wonderful Mother. She's so patient and so smart and loves life to the fullest. I love being with her and spending time with her even if it's just laying on her bed watching her iron. I am so blessed to have her as my mom and Georgie just adores her.

Today, I'm going to finish up going through clothes from my closet. I have SO many it's a bit ridiculous! I'm donating a lot to the cancer center. I'm purging on a lot of stuff and it feels so good. Right now, we are living with Steve's dad, rent free, which is SO nice and once Steve starts working and passes the bar we want to buy a home. We already have been looking and I can't wait to have a home again. I have so much kitchen stuff and home decor and love to decorate and Steve loves to cook so having a home that is ours will be wonderful.

Last week, I went to Tahoe with my whole family for a week! We had a wonderful, relaxing time. We went to the beach everyday! I thought it would be nice to let Steve study with a quiet house so we stayed at Aunt Jackie's condo in Tahoe City. It was so beautiful there and the weather was amazing! We cooked some great food, well my sis did, and drank some great wine and just enjoyed being away from the heat. It was hard to come home but good to see Steve and Peanut and just be in our own bed.

Tonight we are going to the Danna's for dinner. They caught abalone in Fort Bragg and they invited us over for a big abalone feast! I love abalone. Hope everyone has a great weekend! Try and stay cool.

Monday, July 5, 2010

Happy Birthday America and Grandpa George!

Hope everyone had a great Fourth of July! We sure did. We started the day at my sister Mary's BBQ at noon and then left and went to Aunt Jackie's for a wonderful dinner and great wine. It was Steve's Grandpa's 74th birthday! I told him his birthday is a day where everyone celebrates. We had a wonderful time! Georgie loved the pool, homemade ice cream and even the fireworks. I'll post pictures soon. She, of course, looked like a doll in her outfit. I love summer and love being with family.
Today is July 5th, and I'm thinking chicken tacos for dinner or we may go to dinner with some friends. It's so HOT and I really don't want to cook. Spaghetti night sounds delicious ! Happy Monday everyone!!!