Monday, February 28, 2011

A naked cowgirl and daddy!

She is such a silly girl!

Making sure everyone was watching her. She thinks she is so big that she can get off and on her horse all by herself. And she can rock back and forth.
She makes me laugh. Her hair cracks me up too!
Daddy just got off work, and I thought he looked sharp in his new suit! The cowgirl is mad that she had to get dressed.
Happy Monday night!

Saturday, February 26, 2011

I did it!

Here is the mule.

I was so scared!
Aunt Jackie was a pro!
On our last run we raced! I lost.
So fun!!!

The water was so cold.

Such an amazing time. I'm so proud of myself. I was extremely sore the next day, but I would do it again in a heartbeat! I'm so happy I have these pictures to share because it was such an amazing, adventurous, mind blowing experience.

Our day with the dolphins.

Grandpa is so cute! He loved the dolphins.

He gave all of us a kiss.
I was scared here. They are so much bigger in person.

His tank was enormous!

So fun!!!
He danced with us.

Here are some pictures of our trip in Mexico. The dolphin experience was amazing and it was seriously so fun. We couldn't wear hair ties, sun glasses, etc. because he likes to steal things. I thought that was funny! Our dolphin was only 4 years old, and they said he was a trouble maker. It's something I will never forget. I was kinda scared at first, but then I warmed up to him. Dolphins are so smart and such beautiful mammals.
The zip lines and repelling off waterfalls is also something I will never forget. The waterfalls were breathtaking. I'll post pictures of that experience too!

Friday, February 25, 2011

Snow in Yuba?

What you you all think? It would be so neat if it did snow here in Yuba. I'm so ready for summer. It's hard coming home from vaca to this cold weather. I was laying out in the sun in 80 degree weather and now I have my heater on and sweats. I'm freezing! Summer will be here soon enough, and then we will be complaining of how hot it is.

Well I'm off to the gym and then going to pick my Nephew up from school, he just got back from Shady Creek. I can't wait to hear how his week was. I told him we would go to Red Robin. He loves that place.
Happy weekend everyone and maybe we will wake up to some white powder tomorrow morning.

Tuesday, February 22, 2011


We had such a wonderful time in Mexico! We stopped in Mazatlan, Puerto Vallarta and Cabo. I hope you enjoy all my pictures. Sorry there are so many. I didn't post all of them because it is a bit overwhelming. I don't have any of swimming with the dolphins or zip lining because cameras were prohibited, but as soon as I get the cd that we purchased I will share them. It was so nice to relax in the sun, visit different cities in Mexico, go to dinner and only feed myself, sleep in, not have to change a diaper, wipe a nose, or take care of another little human for an entire week! I ate way too much, and we all drank so many amazing wines and of course some Margaritas. I missed my baby so bad, but every time I called home to check on her I could hear her laughing, and my mom said she was having a ball! I must say though... I was so ready to come home after the 4th day. I still feel like I am rocking on a boat. I wish this feeling would go away. I'm so happy to be home with my girl, and I'm finally starting to feel better. Man I was sick as dog! I don't think I have ever been that sick in my life! My house is disinfected, sheets have been washed, and we are unpacked and back to our routine. Home sweet home!I loved watching the ocean.

So beautiful!!!

I thought this was so funny! I'm obsessed with making sure I spell things correctly, since I am a horrible speller! I had to take a picture.
Casey, Grandpa and Cameron.
This was before we (Aunt Jackie) went on our adventure through the jungle! Zip lining and seeing beautiful waterfalls! We had to ride a mule up to the mountain top! It was about 8 miles!!! My butt still hurts! Yes, a MULE!

We all drove these around Mazatlan with our tour guide! It was so fun.
Dinners were the highlight of our night.
This slide was so fun.
Alex and Steph.
Such a beautiful church in Mazatlan. It was seriously breathtaking! Our tour guide was so amazing. He was so knowledgeable about his homeland, and even took us to meet his mom!
Such a fun vaca! I'll never forget it.

We loved laying out in the sun.
We went to some of the best dinners. ( My smile is so BIG) I was laughing!

This man was so funny! He wanted me to take a shot so bad. I passed.

Our last night! We had a double date night.

Until next time Mexico!