Sunday, July 31, 2011


Sister really went all out for this birthday! She did a wonderful job and it was such a fun birthday! Collin had a blast and I can't believe he is already 7?! Where the heck does time go?!

Sister making "Gator drinks"!

Some of the food.

Like her pretty decorations? Ha!


So funny! This is a fake cig:)

When I gave her this bottle full of kool aid she LOVED it, but looked at me like I had lost my mind.

The girls had a ball.

Sister is so cute!


Truly my best friend.


Sister made this cake!

I loved the party favor!
We had a great time celebrating my Nephew, Collin's 7th birthday! He wanted a "theme" party, and loves to watch Swamp people, so it was kinda white trash/swamp party! It was hilarious and such a fun night! If you're not familiar with Swamp people, tune into Swamp people on the history channel (check your local TV guide for the time) Steve and I love it too! Sorry if you have a facebook, then you probably have already viewed these pics, but I wanted to share them with my family in Ohio. Enjoy! (I'm going private soon also.)

Monday, July 18, 2011


We had a wonderful day at the zoo! Enjoy our pictures.

She loved feeding the Giraffe.

She was unsure of the Tiger.

Yuck! I hate snakes!

In line with Daddy.

Watching the monkey perform for the crowd.

So pretty.

My favorite!

Riding the pony and popsicle lips.

She loved the zoo, maybe a little overwhelmed and tired (since I didn't schedule her nap time very well) but she is still talking about it today! The Sacramento zoo was a bit disappointing, but Georgie loved it and that's all that matters. We had a wonderful weekend!

Happy Monday!