Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Love day, potty training and a beautiful day at the park!

Looking sad because we didn't bring Peanut.

Strike a pose!


Silly girls.


We had a wonderful Valentine's Day! I love Valentine's day... We had a wonderful dinner at home, and I got some beautiful flowers, chocolate, strawberries from Cupcake Magic and they were so Yum! I loved being home with my bf and baby girl. Steve and I got away and went to SF that weekend. We had such a wonderful, relaxing time. It was nice getting away before Harper arrives. My mom kept Georgie, so that was even an extra bonus. We ate like pigs, ordered room service and watched the new Breaking Dawn in our hotel room bedroom. It felt so nice sleeping in and not having to be a mom for a few days. I missed her terribly and was so happy to see her when we got home. She had a ball being with her cousins and I don't even think she cared we were gone.

We are doing great in our new toddler bed and potty training has been quite successful! Wish us luck! I hope I'm not overwhelming her with all these new big girl things.

I took the girls to the park today on a picnic. It was so beautiful out. What happened to winter? I'm not complaining.

Harper is due in 3 weeks! We love her already.

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